Welcome to our new Friends of BHP website!

We are still under construction, so bear with us.

The plan is to have a dedicated page for each key BHP site and topic. Each page has a description with photos, videos and links. A page can be accessed from anywhere (eg. on a trail map). See the Moss Lady and Totem Pole for examples.

We hope this provides a framework for a web site that is engaging, useful, and informative.

But We need your help!  We need:
  • tons more content
  • a PDF + photos & videos
  • articles for the BHP Magazine
  • report bugs & typos
  • good ideas!

With your help, our web site will be the #1 spot for all things BHP.

Just email us and we'll co-create our growing community together.

email us! info@FBHP.ca

Information Pages

Here's a list of potential pages containing, text, photos & videos:

    • Moss Lady
    • Totem Pole
    • Watering can
    • Top of Beacon Hill, spindle whorl
    • Burial Cairns
    • Clover Point and coast
    • Mason Bees
    • Garry Oak
    • Historical documents or articles
    • Pages for local flora & fauna (camas, blue herons, eagles peacocks, invasive species, etc.)
    • Guided walking trails (with links to all of the above)
    • Others?

         email us!  info@FBHP.ca

Be a friend of

Beacon Hill Park! 

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