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Native Species at Risk that are found in BHP

Beacon Hill Park, located in Victoria, British Columbia, is home to a diverse range of native plant species, some of which are at risk of becoming endangered or threatened. These species include Western white trillium, camas, blue-eyed Mary, and white-top aster. These plants are threatened by habitat loss and degradation, urbanization, and land use changes.

The Western white trillium, for example, is listed as threatened under the Canadian Species at Risk Act, while the camas is an important food source for Indigenous communities and is also threatened by habitat loss. The conservation of these plant species is crucial for maintaining the ecological integrity of Beacon Hill Park and for preserving the cultural heritage and biodiversity of the area.

Conservation efforts are being made to protect and restore the habitats of these native plant species, such as through ongoing monitoring and research, habitat restoration, and education and outreach programs. It is important to raise awareness about the value of these species and the threats they face, in order to ensure their long-term survival and contribute to the overall health and sustainability of the park's ecosystem.

Some other species at risk along with more details are:

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