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Board Of Directors

Joan Halvorsen: President and Secretary

As a retired Social Worker Joan volunteers for causes she believes in including the protection of Beacon Hill Park. She has taken part in homeless counts and sees the protection of the park, and homes for all as mutually compatible. Joan worked for both government and various non-profits which she prefers to call ‘value profits’ to better reflect their roles. She has held positions including executive director, chair, vice-chair, treasurer and secretary. She was formerly the treasurer for FBHP. Joan is passionate about equity, environment, healing and the arts. She adores nature and is often in BHP.

Maureen Applewhaite:  Membership Director

Beacon Hill Park has been my “go to backyard” for decades.   I now live across the road from the Park and am very fortunate to be able to look out my window every day and watch the changing colours and seasons.  I have spent many years writing letters to the City etc. trying to protect the Park from many challenges, e.g. new paths through the delicate Camas meadows, concern about animals chasing park birds and recently the damage caused to the park ecosystem from tent structures.  The Park is beloved by myself and many Victorians and deserves our care and attention.

Tom Epplett: Treasurer

Tom, now retired, was founder and COO of IATS Payments a Canadian based financial technology company providing donation processing for Non-Profit and Charitable organizations both domestically and internationally. Tom has Board experience in the private, public and non-profit sectors.  He is passionate about Beacon Hill Park and has spent many enjoyable hours removing invasive spieces from the SE Woods and other areas of the park. 

Pete Lowry Vice President and Newsletter Editor

Peter was introduced to FBHP when researching a ‘Fishing Vessel Gustav Lost At Sea’ marker he had seen at Finlayson Point in 2018.  While  had worked as a Marine Engineer on the coast during the time of the loss, he was surprised he had never heard the story. His research was not going well and he sent an email to FBHP asking if there was a directory for plaques or markers in the park. Roy Fletcher, President at that time dropped over to look his findings and they discussed the history of the park and the management of it today. Now retired Peter is living next to the park and was very concerned about the sheltering and possible damage to this wonderful park. I joined the FBHP in the hopes of preserving and protecting it. His research file is still a work in progress.

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