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The goal of Friends of Beacon Hill Park is "To Promote & Protect the Natural & Cultural History of Beacon Hill Park."

Beacon Hill Park was set aside as parkland by Governor Sir James Douglas before 1858.

The park is a historical treasure and one of the last refuges in Greater Victoria for some of the area's most delicate and endangered native plants and ecosystems.

The Garry Oak tree and the Garry Oak meadow are two prime examples of the plants and ecosystems that the Friends of Beacon Hill Park Society have been actively trying to preserve since our formation in July 1989.

Beacon Hill Park Trust Document: The Park Trust - 1882

News Update

BC Ministry of Attorney General Appeals Ruling

Mar. 23, 2022

The Ministry of Attorney General submitted a Notice of Appeal of the Honourable Mr. Justice Punnett’s order. The grounds for appeal are not yet known.

Friends of Beacon Hill Park plan to continue to defend the Park.

BC Supreme Court Sides with FBHP regarding No Sheltering! 

Feb. 24,2022

The Honourable Mr. Justice Punnett delivered the reasons for judgement.

CONCLUSION:  Can the Park be used by persons experiencing homelessness for temporary sheltering? 

 In sum, the answer to the question posed by the City is “no”. The Trust does not permit use of the Park for temporary sheltering by persons experiencing homelessness. Such activity by the members of the public is contrary to the purpose of the Trust: preservation of the Park for the use, recreation and enjoyment of the public. 

For the full ruling please follow the link below:

 Justice Punnett Ruling 2022/02/24

big thank you to all our members and donors. We could not have obtained this ruling with out your support.

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