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Moss Lady

The Moss Lady statue is a  public artwork located in Beacon Hill Park, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. It was created by local artist Dale Doebert and with the help from other city employees installed in the park in 1995. 

The Moss Lady is located in a shady clearing behind Cameron Bandshell. A brook babbles nearby. The sculpture was constructed with cement, boulders, metal pipe, vinyl-coated chicken wire and a clay-based soil. The soil is especially designed to have an acidic PH suitable for moss.

The statue depicts a graceful and serene woman made entirely of moss, with her arms outstretched and her face turned upward. She stands over six feet tall and is surrounded by a small garden filled with plants and flowers.

The Moss Lady is a unique and beautiful work of art that has become a popular destination for visitors to Beacon Hill Park. The statue's mossy texture and natural coloration make it blend in seamlessly with the surrounding trees and foliage, giving it a sense of harmony with its environment.

The Moss Lady is said to symbolize the importance of preserving nature and the beauty of the natural world. The statue is also a tribute to the indigenous plants and animals of the region, which are an essential part of the park's ecosystem.

Overall, the Moss Lady is a beloved and iconic piece of public art that has come to represent the spirit and natural beauty of Beacon Hill Park and Victoria as a whole.

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