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Cricket Field

The Cricket Field is a sports field located in Beacon Hill Park. The field is situated in the southeastern corner of the park, near the South East Woods.

The Cricket Field is a large, grassy area that is used primarily for cricket matches and practices. The field features a regulation-sized cricket pitch, as well as boundaries and other features commonly found on cricket fields.

The field is open to the public, and visitors are welcome to watch cricket matches or even play a game themselves if they have the necessary equipment. The field is also used for other sports and activities, such as frisbee and kite flying.

In addition to the Cricket Field, Beacon Hill Park features a variety of other sports fields and facilities, including baseball diamonds, tennis courts, and a lawn bowling green. These facilities are popular with locals and visitors alike and offer a range of opportunities for outdoor recreation and exercise.

Overall, the Cricket Field is a popular destination for cricket enthusiasts and sports lovers in general. Its central location in Beacon Hill Park and its well-maintained facilities make it a great place to enjoy a game of cricket or other outdoor activities

References: Victoria District Cricket Association

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