Beacon Hill Park Maps & Trails

Lots of work to do here.

Guided Walks and Hikes

At a minimum we can provide a stactic map showing the trail route with a full description of the trail. Example:

    "And on your left on your left is the Moss Lady ~ sit in
     the awesome park benches and..."

  • What do hiking apps do? How can we do it better? Make our own app?
  • Can we make a custom google map? Showing our trails & links to our pages?

Other Topics:

  • Plan your visit
  • Useful Links ~ Victoria, bus, tours etc
  • Tips for cruise ship visitors
  • your ideas?

Hey friends of BHP, we need your help!

This section will make park visitors time pleasant, informative and efficient.

And will be the #1 place for all things BHP!

Lets build it together!

So have a beer & zoom party & co-create.

email us!

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