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BHP Map Improvement Project

Welcome to our new interactive BHP Map! This is a work in progress. We have over 30 links on the map so far. Each link has its own dedicated web page. Each page has information, photos, videos, links & more!

Some pages are still blank and need your help! Please send your suggestions for content such as text, photos and references to:

Here are some alternate maps that can be used for verification and to find additional info, photos, links, etc.

Project Status & Notes

The table below lists the status of each of the map links. They are ordered approximately from north to south.

The 'Alt text' appears when you hoover over the link. Used for accessibility and Google search indexing.

 Link Alt Text
 Garry Oak Meadow
 Garry Oaks Meadow and ecosystem
 Google maps has zero points of interest north of Good Acre Lake. Should there be? Do we need a web page that covers this entire area. What do we call this area? North West Corner?
 Rock Garden
 Rock & Alpine Garden
 This web site is pretty good: Vancouver Island Alpine & Rock Garden Society.

Is the map pin in the right place?
 Heywood Ball Field
  Heywood Ball Field Is the field just for baseball. How do you reserve it for use?
Stone Bridge
 Stone Bridge over Good Acre Lake
 Description to be added. Do we need a separate page for Good Acre Lake?

Lots in History Book ~ do a search on both.
Blue Heron Colony
 Blue Heron Nesting Colony
 What is the exact location?
 Band Shell
 Cameron Band Shell
 Added some paragraphs on the building of band shell in 1888 From BHP History. There's more info there on later changes
 Moss Lady
 Moss Lady Photo gallery needs work ~ a video would be great!
 Athletic Green
 Athletic Green
 Has some reviews & photos from google map
 Fountain Lake
  Fountain Lake google map calls it Lilly Lake, Openstreet calls it swan lake
 Mini Golf
 Mini Golf
 description to be added...
 Chinese Bell
  Chinese Bell  description to be added...
 Central Gardens
  Central Gardens

 We need a high level description of this area.

  • The type of plants and gardens
  • Changes with the seasons
  • Rose Garden
  • history of the area
  • Sun Clock
  • Mason Bees?
  • a tribute to the BHP staff?
  • quality photos & videos

 Cricket Field
  Cricket Field

  description to be added. Has link to cricket club.
~ google map points to a small building called 'Cricket Pavilion' ?

 Lawn Bowling
  Lawn Bowling description to be added. Has a link to bowling club
 Tennis Tennis description to be added...
 Beacon Hill Summit
 Beacon Hill Summit


  • Hike or drive
  • great views
  • camas & wild flowers
  • burial cairns & related history
  • history of flag pole
  • other historical events on the summit?
  • quality photos & videos
 Camas Field
 Camas & Wildflowers
 There are two links on the map to the 'Camas Plant' page. We need a high level view of camas and the importance to BHP
 Sports Fields
 All Weather Sports Fields
 Text is from google map review
 Mile Zero
  Mile Zero description to be added...
 The Anchor
  The Anchor description to be added...
 Marilyn Bell
 Marilyn Bell Monument
  description to be added...
 Beacon Hill Coast
  Explore Beacon Hill Coast See the links to BHP History. We don't have a page for Findlayson Point.

Points of Interest from the OpenStreet map

Below is a list of points of interest on the OpenStreet map that are not found on any other map. These must have been added by someone with local knowledge. I wonder who it is?

Do we add these to our map? Each would require a dedicated page ~ even if it only contains a paragraph. Hopefully with a link & photo.

  • Crumpled Bilge Keel of H.S.M Amphion  ~  near southgate & Douglas
  • Scouts of Canada Diamond Jubilee  ~  near southgate St
  • Sri Chimoy Peace Mile  ~  near southgate St
  • English Oak  ~  near southgate St
            Note: we could have links to a page for individual trees
  • Winston L.S. Churchill  ~  Heywood Ball Park
  • United Empire Loyalists  ~  Heywood Ball Park

  • Emily Carr Memorial ~ below good acre lake
  • Elizabeth McKenzie Memorial ~ band shell
  • September 11 Memorial Tree ~ band shell
  • George Fraser Memorial ~ above fountain lake
  • Bahai Peace Tree ~ aboveFountain Lake
  • Bahai Peace Tree ~ Fountain Lake
  • Mrs Alfred Watt Memorial aboveFountain Lake

  • Burns Memorial ~ mini golf
  • Queen Elizabeth Visit Commerattion ~ just west of children farm
  • Queenie Memorial ~ just inside children farm
           Note: there is good info & old pics of Queenie the workhorse in BHP History
  • Canadian Girls in Training ~ near rose garden
  • Queen Elizabeth II ~ south of queen’s lake
  • BC Indian’s War Memorial ~ near totem
  • Twinning of Morioka and Victoria Monument ~ on coast

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